Readers Who are Krazy for Kindle: Dream on

January 05, 2011

Dream on

I like to dream. Sometimes, I can loll on my couch or bed for hours doing nothing more than thinking. I did it this morning. I woke up too early, and I didn't want to get up. I mean, sure, I could have had an extra hour of productivity, but ... the hell with that.

I lolled.

In the dark and quiet of my bedroom with my puppies snuggled on either side of me, I just let my thoughts run wild. I don't always think about my books. Okay, yeah. A great deal of the time, I'm mentally gnawing on the bits of stories, but I also dream about other stuff. Things I want. People I miss. Places to visit. I explore it all in my mind.

There's something wonderful about taking a journey through what-might-be. It doesn't even matter if what I'm dreaming about comes to fruition. The fun part is searching through the possibilities. I can try on one after another without worrying about how much it costs, if it'll fit, how I accomplish it, or if it can be done. All it really costs me is time, and when I finally drift back into reality, I feel inspired. And hopeful.

I know it's difficult for some people to just ... be. It probably feels strange to just sit and do nothing. I have friends who think so hard, I'm surprised their brains haven't melted. I know what it's like to have thoughts tangled up in to-do lists, productivity charts, and organizational worries. Not to mention the guilt weaving through all that mess because there's so much to be done and there aren't enough hours in the day. It's exhausting. But I never want to be so worried about everything all the time, I forget to dream. Or ignore the opportunity for lolling because actively doing nothing feels wrong. Like I said before, the hell with that.

I know not everyone processes the way I do. There are loll-arounders like me, and you know, those other people. I suppose as long as we all find some way to dream, to inspire ourselves, and to enjoy life, no matter how small the moments ... well, it's all good.