Readers Who are Krazy for Kindle: Never give up, never surrender!

May 04, 2011

Never give up, never surrender!

Yeah, I'm quoting from "Galaxy Quest," which is an awesome movie. (And we know that I lurve movies, right?)

Even though "Galaxy Quest" is a hilarious parody, and it's tag line is meant to be comedic, I take its meaning seriously. Okay. When I think of it, it's usually like this:

So I get a smile outta of my attempts to motivate myself. :-) Anyway. When I decide to do something, and sometimes it takes me a while to make a decision, I'm in. All the way. Never give up. Never surrender. I have a stubborn streak and a whole of not-gonna-defeat-me-pissed-off within me. When I fail, I get mad. And I let that anger fuel me forward.

You gotta do what you gotta do. (Bonus points if you know where I plucked that gem from.)

There's no "I'll just take a break because I'm tired." Fuck tired. Frustrated? Unhappy with progress? Other people's opinions poking me like sharp sticks? Whatever. I get up. I do it again. And again. It's not that I don't entertain thoughts of just quitting. Quitting often sounds great. Because if I quit, then I won't be tired or disappointed or having to work so damned hard. But here's what I know: It's impossible to give up just a little. Giving up is like sliding down a glass hill. There's nothing to grab onto, no way to stop the descent. I know I'll end up in the mucky-muck I was trying to escape.

I took a new path. It's not an easy one to navigate, and it's rife with temptation, and it's bumpy, and there are potholes, and sometimes it rains, but the up side is that I'm walking it with someone else, and that makes it easier. Better. If I had to do it on my own, I would. It's a lot less scary to take the journey with someone else, and it offers the kind of inspiration I need when I end up in the mud or getting jabbed by wayward branches. I have a goal, and I will reach it.

If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for. How much more wonderful is something obtained if I've sweat and bled for it? I applied this same philosophy to my writing career, to the life I built after leaving a shitty marriage, to helping my son as he's faced numerous difficulties, and to this newest adventure: losing weight and getting healthy.

Like I said, when I'm in, I'm in.

Never give up. Never surrender.