Readers Who are Krazy for Kindle: Phở-gettaboutit!

May 11, 2011


I am in love with phở (pronounced "fuh"), which is Vietnamese noodle soup. And not just any phở, either. It's the chicken curry (known as "S7" at the restaurant AVB* and I frequent) that holds my affections.

I call it "A Bowl of Happy."

Honestly, I would've never tried Vietnamese anything if AVB hadn't suggested it. The first time we went to a phở restaurant, I got some beef soup something or another that didn't taste too bad, but it kinda smelled like feet. Then AVB offered a taste of his phở, and I knew the next time we had Vietnamese noodle soup, I was getting THAT one.

And I did. I never get anything else, either. Because S7 makes me happy. (So do the shrimp spring rolls that come before it.) There is a ritual involved with the soup, too. You get a plate of basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, lime, and jalapenos. I usually throw in the basil and cilantro and call it good. And most people typically eat it with a spoon and chopsticks, which is a cool way to eat anything.

Phở is the soup equivalent of chocolate. Okay. Process WHO is saying that then think about WHAT I just said. If given the choice between S7 and a Godiva chocolate bar, I would choose ... S7. Do you understand now the awesomeness of this soup? I would put aside gourmet chocolate so that I could have a whole bowl of chicken curry phở.

It's true.

It's like Prozac for the soul. Zen for the mind. Yummy for the tummy. I don't know if it's the old school comfort of eating warm, delicious soup that invokes so much happy, but ... hell, I don't know have to figure out the why.

I think we spend too much time trying to figure out the whys of life. Why did that happen? Why didn't I make Choice B instead of stupid Choice A? Why doesn't Insert Illogical Situation Here make any freaking sense? Maybe it helps to figure out reasons for certain circumstances. Coming out with an answer to "why" can bring comfort, encourage faith, assuage loneliness. But sometimes, there is no why. Or the answer to "why" cannot be known---maybe for now, maybe forever. It's a scary idea that life is a series of random events, that we have no control over what will unfold today (or any day), that we decide if our lives have meaning. We decide. However we bring meaning into our lives, whatever we determine is important, however we choose to stay the course ... it's all on us. We are responsible for our happiness.

If we find someone, something, somewhere that brings us pleasure, we don't have to figure out why. If whatever it is invokes a sense of joy, of peace, of beautiful quiet ... then that's the point where we let go of reasoning it out. If you find your happiness, however large or small it may be, then it's okay to let everything else go and just live within that bubble you've created.

We all know that moments don't last. It's not wise to cling to the past, no matter how happy the circumstances. Every day offers opportunities to find new joys. And yes, every day you can return to the source of known happiness ... such as an order of S7 with a side of shrimp spring rolls.

*Awesome Viking Boyfriend