Readers Who are Krazy for Kindle: Because Your Vampire Said So

January 03, 2013

Because Your Vampire Said So

Because Your Vampire Said So is the third book in the Broken Heart paranormal series by Michele Bardsley
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When you're immortal, being a mom won't kill you--it will only make you stronger.

Not just anyone can visit Broken Heart, Oklahoma, especially since all the single moms—like me, Patsy Donahue—have been turned into vampires. I’m forever forty, but looking younger than my years, thanks to my new (un)lifestyle.

And even thought most of my customers have skipped town, I still managed to keep my hair salon up and running because of the lycanthropes prowling around. They know how important good grooming is—especially a certain rogue shape-shifter who is as sexy as he is deadly.

Now, if only I could put a leash on my wild teenage son. He’s up to his neck in danger. The stress would kill me if I wasn’t already dead. But my maternal instincts are sill alive and kicking, so no one better mess with my flesh and blood.

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