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January 06, 2014

Naked Disclosure

Naked Disclosure is Book 11 in the Broken Heart paranormal romance series by Michele Bardsley
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After Aphrodite helped lycanthrope royals, Alaya and Darrius, break their love curse, Nemesis decided to take revenge goddess-style. She stole and cursed Aphrodite's golden apple, hiding it in the Broken Heart couple's new hometown--the picturesque seaside community of Broken Arrow, Oregon. With the apple's anti-love spells poisoning the populace, no one who sets foot in Broken Arrow will ever have a lasting relationship.

But Aphrodite and her crew--as well as the paranormal citizens of Broken Heart--will do everything possible to find the cursed apple and save the town one happy couple at a time.

When Aphrodite gets the "love tingle" for Adam Redmont and Victoria Hunton, she's determined to get these two lovebirds together. Adam and Torie are in fierce competition for the same business opportunities in Broken Arrow, so Aphrodite does a little goddess magic (AKA manipulation) to send the two stubborn lovers to her newest brilliant venture: a sex club she opened in the barn of an old apple farm.

An infatuated Adam agrees to meet his New Year's Eve mystery girl at the Cupid Club to explore the passionate possibilities, not knowing that she's really Torie, his supposed business nemesis. Yet, can a night spent in decadent pleasure make them see past their differences--and into the heart of love?

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