Readers Who are Krazy for Kindle: Harry Little, Leprechaun

December 31, 2013

Harry Little, Leprechaun

Harry Little, Leprechaun is a Broken Heart Holiday Tail written by Michele Bardsley.

A foul-mouthed, pipe-smoking, revenge-seeking leprechaun brings chaotic evil into Broken Heart, Oklahoma ... but he doesn't count on the determination and cleverness of its paranormal citizens.

When a revenge-seeking leprechaun brings a paranormal tour group into Broken Heart, Oklahoma, it's only the beginning of his shenanigans. Y'see, he plans a grand retaliation against the immortals who trapped him and stole his magic--all because he magicked few wee snakes in Ireland.

If it's the last thing he does, he'll get his payback against those fockin' deamhan fola: Lorcan and Patrick O'Halloran. Before the night is over, Eva, Lorcan, and their friends will fend off an angry ghost destroying the gift shop, a zombie in a vicious one-way food fight, mated vampires who take "explosive sex" literally, and a sarcastic lycanthrope who's not what he seems. And in the middle of all the chaos is Harry Little, Leprechaun.

 Now, who wants a green beer?

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This story is available in the digital and print bundle titled Broken Heart: Visitor's Pass!
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Saint Patrick Was a Vampire

At least that’s the story told in national bestselling author Michele Bardsley’s newest paranormal “tail,” HARRY LITTLE, LEPRECHAUN.

In the supernatural world of the popular Broken Heart series, the myths that created the fun and frolic of St. Patrick’s Day are based in truth. Yes, vampire Patrick O’Halloran, later thought of as “Saint Patrick,” really did save Ireland from snakes (or "ophidians"*). 

But how did the creepy-crawlies get on an island renowned for being snake-free? Courtesy of a malicious leprechaun named Harry Little**.  He's also partially responsible for the "drowning the Shamrock” tradition. The custom of humans drinking green beer on St. Paddy's Day started because  Ol’ Harry sucked down a Druid-magicked clover in his whiskey.

What does Broken Heart parakind have to say about this latest so-called "fictional" foray into its community?

“It’s a bloody good tale,” said Jessica O’Halloran. “I especially liked the part where I joke about the leprechaun’s lucky charms.”

“I’m on vacation, damn it. I don’t care if an army of naked leprechauns are in the middle of downtown twerking while singing Lady Gaga songs. Quit calling me!” yelled said Patsy Marchand, queen of the loup de sang and harried mother of four little lycans.

“This fockin’ story gives leprechauns a bad name,” insists Harry Little. “The wee folk should heartily protest Bardsley’s writin’ such fockin' drivel. The tale ought to be banned! Torn to pieces! Burned!”

Bardsley thinks should readers to decide for themselves.

“Not everyone will enjoy the narrative,” she admits. “All the same, I admire the integrity of readers who leave honest reviews—whether they hated the story or they loved it.”

*Eva O'Halloran is word nerd and it was her idea to use ophidians.

**He's a fockin' jerk.

Get your copy of Harry Little, Leprechaun today at Amazon