Readers Who are Krazy for Kindle: It's Okay If You Hate My Books

May 07, 2014

It's Okay If You Hate My Books

In the early days of being published, bad reviews hurt. Here was this person I didn't know judging me and my work and being MEAN.

Nowadays, I'm more laid-back. I still feel the sting (rejection feels awful at every level), but my attitude has changed. You know what? It's okay if you don't like me. Or if you stop liking me. Or if you hate my books. Or hate my prices. It's okay if you liked Broken Heart early in the series, but now, you don't.

It's okay.

Writers write. Readers read. That's our pact.

If you need to move on from reading my essence, you feel as though you must break up with me...then I wish you well on your reading journeys.

Sometimes, you're so pissed off about what I did or didn't do in my fiction (or elsewhere in this crazy world of writing and publishing), you express your disappointment in public forums. Every so often, you email me personally to let me know how much and what ways I suck as a writer.

I just want you to know, I understand. I get it.

And it's okay.

Because I will always honor the pact.

Readers read.

Writers write.