Readers Who are Krazy for Kindle: Lycan on the Edge

November 01, 2015

Lycan on the Edge

Werewolf Sophie Lennox barely survived the Alberich attack that left her wounded emotionally and physically. She’s not sure how she survived the Alberich, a creature thought long-dead, and one of the most savage predators werewolves have ever faced. 

Trent Clayton is a werewolf whose own run-in with the Alberich a hundred years before took his wife and nearly destroyed him. Now, he must help Sophie work through her traumatized state and reveal to Sophie that she possesses an unusual gift—one that connects her to him. 

Broken Heart is right in the vicious sights of the Alberich, but the creatures have never faced a whole town of parakind willing to defend their borders, and each other, with fur, fang, magic, swords, guns, and zombies. 

With two werewolves leading the charge, the citizens of Broken Hear must win the battle against the Alberich. Or die (um, again) trying.